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Visibility tour

Gain Visibility Into Your IT Systems

Visible-IT is built on a framework which maximizes our level of visibility into previously hidden elements of your network.  When you are faced with slow internet, we can pinpoint where it is slow.  When your server is running slow, we can pinpoint why.  When you want to know if any of your users have contracted a virus over the last 30 days, we can tell you that.  Want to know how much spam is being caught by our mail washing service?  You guessed it; we can tell you that too.  We can even have our system email you regularly with important information regarding your network that helps you to understand better the overall health of your network. 

Accountability tour

Single Point of Accountability

We strive to have an answer to any technology challeng your business might face.  The more elements of your network you allow us to be responsible for, the more our economies of scale kick in.  Even more important is the single point of accountability afforded you when we have visibility and management oversight of all of your technology needs.  Every issue is well documented in our ticketing system and your managers can log into our service portal and check ticket status at any time.  We don't try to hide from difficult issues, rather, we strive to proactively prevent issues that will negatively affect your productivity.  Try us out and see if you aren't blown away by how much of your technology needs we can handle so you can get back to growing your business.

affordability Tour

Get Control over your IT Budget

We see it time and time again... Companies need to rely greater on their IT resources in order to realize some economies of scale, however, in-house IT personnel are expensive and tend to be limited in their scope of knowledge in more advanced IT concepts and how to evaluate and implement them.   Expensive mistakes are made in this scenario.  How then do you proceed?

Our approach of virtualizing your IT department allows us to bring to bear the right resource on each technical challenge for a flat rate per month.  When you need special projects, we have the IT specialists who can step in and professionally help you budget, plan and implement those technologies.

partnerability tour

We Work Well with Internal IT Resources

If your corporate culture is such that an onsite IT resource is a necessity but you also need to save money, then take advantage of our Downstream IT services.  With Downstream IT, we become the escalation point for your internal IT resource.  This allows you to hire a lower cost Desktop specialist who can deal with user-level issues and can be that person onsite who can coordinate and escalate issue resolution at higher levels with our team.  In this role, we take ownership of the Server and network elements in your IT environment and provide the expert knowledge required as needed without breaking your budget to keep that expertise on-hand full time.

We make it affordable to have engineering-level knowledge at your fingertips and allow you to right-size your IT budget with the right combination of internal and external IT resources; each working together as a seamless team.

serviceability tour

Service Level Agreements

Our Virtual IT service comes with respnse guarantees, emergency escalation and multiple ways to report issues.  Our toolset gives us the ability to be more productive working on your network remotely than any in-house IT person who works onsite.

Some of our plans come with an onsite labor allowance which brings our IT resources to your place of business to do things that require an onsite presence without charging more when we do it.  Our goal is to establish a trusted relationship with your company and be part of the team... there when you need us and providing value with every interaction we have with your users and managers.

About Visible-IT



Visible-IT is an IT Management Framework designed to provide a large IT department feel to businesses who can not afford, do not want the hassle of maintaining their own in-house IT resources OR want to augment internal IT resources with our team of specialists.  


We have invested in the tools, the procedures and the IT experts needed to run a well-rounded IT department and are ready to bring them to bear for your company.  


Unlike the small IT firm or consultant who can't typically afford to invest in their ability to work smarter, we have completely re-defined what it takes to perform IT services. By deploying our tools into your network, we gain visibility of all components and can act proactively to fix problems before they occur. Your users can talk directly to helpdesk staff who's job it is to ensure they are able to work and stay productive.


Click on the menu items above to learn more about our Virtual IT Department Services and our unique and affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.  You can also "Take a Tour" to find out more about how easy it is do get started with a Virtual IT deaprtment and how easy it is to work with our team once you are on board.  Don't forget to check out the Case Scenarios and see what we've been able to do for other company's like yours.

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